For East Village Independent Merchants Interested In Learning More About Membership

The East Village Independent Merchants Association strives to maintain the unique cultural characteristics of the East Village by recognizing, supporting and empowering local, independent retail in the neighborhood. Your membership dues go to a variety of programming initiatives, including the EVIMA Learning Series, neighborhood events and our annual Holiday Shopping Night.

EVIMA is a registered 501 (c) (6) organization.


Or get downloadable PDF of our membership application by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an EVIMA member?

Being an EVIMA member can mean as little or as much as you want it to! At the very least, you will be listed on our website as part of our member group and you will be expected to pay annual dues. At most, there are opportunities to become a committee chair, host an EVIMA meeting or event, and spearhead EVIMA initiatives on your own. You can even apply to be a member of our board!

What are my annual dues?

EVIMA Annual dues are $75 for those who sign up before July 31, 2016 and $150 thereafter. However, through our referral program, we waive membership fees if you meet the following criteria: Board Members: recruiting 5 or more new members within a calendar year. Regular Members: recruiting 3 or more new members within a calendar year.

What if I can't afford my membership dues?

EVIMA offers a number of reduced memberships annually under our Hardship clause. If you are seeking membership but do not believe you can afford our current due structure, please contact us.

How do I know if I qualify to be an EVIMA member?

EVIMA members must be within the boundaries of the East Village neighborhood as defined in our mission. We seek independently owned and operated daytime establishments the have a physical storefront location.

I want to help, but am not a local merchant. What can I do?

We welcome any and all advocacy on our behalf, as well as any social media support or publicity. We are also constantly seeking volunteers. If you would like to become an EVIMA volunteer please contact us. You can help out as little as once a year or as much as an hour a week (or more)! Alternatively, we encourage you to visit our donations page, where we accept support from qualifying neighborhood organizations and individuals. 

Member Benefits

✓Joint marketing and advertising campaigns on your behalf

✓ Free participation in the EVill Discount Card

✓ Participation in the EVIMA Holiday “Shop Local” Campaign

✓ Quarterly fundraising efforts made on your behalf

✓ Your member profile listed on the EVIMA website

✓ Constant event programming, and the ability to list your events on the EVIMA site calendar

✓ Access to the members-only EVIMA profile on TownSqd infoshare platform

✓ A liaison between you, your business, and relevant city officials and resources

✓ Members-only events and training sessions

✓ The full support of partner organizations and their resources